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Moving to a new home can be both exciting and stressful, let alone if you are relocating internationally. There is an art to the packing itself, and not every one can do it well. Some people choose to use the full service package of moving company. Some others opt for handling the moving on their own. The rest of them choose to use the self pack international moving containers services.

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The new service in the moving industry that is becoming more popular these days is called self pack international moving containers. It is where you can do self pack and the moving company does the relocating of your containers. Feel self-assured because it can be done for moving abroad as well.

Packing For Sea freight to Africa

Sea freight to Africa means you are advised to pack your goods in double-walled boxes or heavy duty boxes. In shipping industry, boxes are stacked upon another, so do no ship half-full boxes or else there will be damages. Fragile items should be cushioned with clothing or bubble wrap. Furniture should be packed in wooden crates, or packed by professionals, before shipped using specialized carrier service. Do not cover your name and address on the boxes with tape.

South Africa requires you to arrive in the country at the very least ten days prior to the expected arrival date of your goods. If you won’t be present when your goods arrive at the port, it may cause difficulties in cleating your goods through Customs. If you are shipping the goods to another person, make sure that the consignee meets the requirement to be able to collect the goods. If all these basics are met, then there wouldn’t be any problem with your sea freight to Africa.

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